Fly with PaperPlanes~

Name? Syadza~
Nicknames: Jaja, Sya, Syad
I'm a simple girl with a complicated life... 21 years old~
This is a place that I finally can express or share what I love<3
Photography, art & design is my passion..
Music is my life..

go ahead.. ask me... ANYTHING... I dare u..

Selfie… Good night!!! Zzzzzzz😴



Michael Creese, Tiger Play (2011), oil on canvas.


(( As you know I have a soft spot for animals, and it was brought to my attention that this little guy needs help!

Please do what you can to donate, or help signal boost for him!

If you live in his area and can adopt or foster him, please contact the organization for more info!

Donate Here!  ))


Hello :) Attitude is everything by Jujuba


Hello :) Attitude is everything by Jujuba

Good morning… Krooohhhzzzzzzz…… 💤💤💤💤

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